URAVU means spring, source of water, life, creativity...

Welcome to Uravu

URAVU is a non-government organization working with people, governments and businesses to implement programs for sustainable employment and income generation in rural areas. Uravu is a non-profit trust, established in 1996, registered under the Indian Trusts Act. 

Uravu promotes social enterprises based on value addition of local, natural resources, especially bamboo, the "green gold". Uravu implements integrated, end-to-end programs in the bamboo sector, which include providing skill training in bamboo processing, establishing micro enterprises, marketing of bamboo handicraft, cultivation of bamboo and promotion of eco-tourism.

Uravu strives for empowering marginalized social groups, especially the traditional artisans, women and the Indigenous People.

Uravu is located in Thrikkaipetta village in Wayanad district, Kerala state, South India



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